13th European CubeSat Symposium


 Oral Presentation

The available speech time is 15 mins (including questions). Speakers will not be allowed to use their own computer during their talk, but must transfer their presentation in PDF or PPT PowerPoint to the Symposium Secretary or USB flash drive (preferred), a day before the presentation. The slides of all presentations will be made available after the Symposium upon authors’ clearance. 

Slides (to be upload before the symposium)

The PowerPoint Size should be 16/9. We ask you to upload your slides in ppt and pdf before the symposium, especially for the participants presenting on ...... We ask you to name your files as followed:  IDnumber_Title

You can upload your slides here: (coming soon)

Poster Presentation 

The suggested poster format is A1 vertical layout, (H:841mm, W:594mm).

  • Make sure to maintain paragraph clarity by using a font size which can be read at some distance.
  • It is recommended that all text be limited to 1/5th of the poster.
  • Contact details of the authors must be present.
  • The accepted participants shall bring their own posters to the Symposium; no printer will be available at the venue.

You can upload your poster on the server: (coming soon).  We ask you to name your files as followed:  IDnumber_Title