12th European CubeSat Symposium

24-26 November 2021

When and Where?

The 12th edition of the European CubeSat Symposium is organised at École polytechnique, in the south suburb of Paris.  The exact address is:

 École polytechnique

 Route de Saclay,

91120 Palaiseau, France

The conference starts on Wednesday the 24th, but a welcome reception is organised on Tuesday the 23rd. The conference ends Friday at 4pm.

On Thursday 25th, the afternoon is dedicated to visiting nearby companies and institutions. In the evening, a Gala dinner will be served on a boat of the Seine in Paris, cruising on the Seine. Dedicated buses will be set to get you from École polytechnique to the technical visit locations, and then to Paris and the way back.


Getting there

To have access to real-time information for public transport, we encourage you to use the app and website: Citymapper

From Paris

The transit from Paris to Ecole polytechnique lasts around one hour by using the RER B.

After the station Massy-Palaiseau, two solutions are available :

  1. Taking the bus 91-10 or 91-06 from the station Massy-Palaiseau to the bus stop “Place Marguerite Perey”. There is one bus every 3min during peak-hours, but it can be very crowded. You will need one extra T+ ticket for the bus (the transfer from RER to the bus is not possible using the same ticket)
  2. Continuing in the RER B to the stop “Lozère”, and from there to walk the stairs for a 25min walk. The stairs are not very steep but a bit long. Warning, not every RER B Trains stop at Lozère, be careful in choosing the good one.

By Plane

If possible, arrive at Orly Airport, the airport in the South of Paris.

The bus 91-10 is direct between Orly and École Polytechnique, but can be slow with a low frequency.

Hence, the fastest way is usually by using the Orlyval, a dedicated train from the airport to the RER B train station Antony.  It is however more expensive.

From the Airport Charles de Gaulle, the RER B is direct to Massy-Palaiseau, and will last around 1h30.

From Versailles

If you are willing to stay in Versailles, the trip using RER C to Massy Palaiseau is as long as from Paris with RER B. However there are fewer trains available.

From Palaiseau and Saclay

If you choose to book an accommodation closer to the École Polytechnique, there are several ways to get to the school.

The bus ligne 91-06/91-10 can allow you to get quickly from Massy-Palaiseau or from Saclay the School.

From Palaiseau center, the quickest is by walking up the stairway, near the Lozère train station.

From Orsay, the buses 7 or 9 can be used to get to the 91-06 bus line.

Entering the Venue

The only entrance in the venue is from the “Cour Vaneau”, on the north side of the campus, located on the map below with a red dot.

The RER B and Bus 91-06 stops “Lozère” are located on the south side of the Campus. A 10 minutes walk is needed to get from the bus stop to the entrance, and from the RER B station a 20/30 minutes climb is needed.

The bus stop “Place Marguerite Perey” is located on the West side of the campus, and a 5 minutes walk is needed to arrive at the entrance.